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Things to know when Shopping for the Best Electric Smokers


Are you looking to buy the best electric smoker in the market? Do you want the right smoker that can stand the test of time? Or are there specific features you are looking for? You should always prepare whenever you want to go shopping for an electric smoker. When it’s time to buy an electric smoker, there are certain things you need to have in mind.

What cooking space are you looking for?

The cooking space of an electric smoker determines the amount of food you can prepare with the smoker. Generally, you should select a smoker with small or moderate cooking space if you are only cooking family sized meals. But if you intend using it for party and for cooking large portions of food, then a larger cooking space will be ideal.

Temperature control

This is probably the biggest consideration when buying the best electric smoker. Select a product that makes it easy to use the temperature control.

Generally, a digital electric smoker is more convenient compared to an analogue model.  Some people may even feel more comfortable using an analogue temperature control. The main thing is convenience. Select whichever is convenience for you.

Which features are ideal for you?

Those who are buying an electric smoker for the first time should look for user-friendly features. Select a model with tempered glass door. You will be able to see through the smoker without any need to open the doors. This will help you keep the temperature in the normal condition throughout the cooking process.

Improved technology

Most recently manufactured electric smokers have some electrical connections that aid your cooking tasks. Some come with Bluetooth connections and remote control. Those with Smart App will help you easily monitor your electric smoker. If you don’t want to constantly monitor your smoker, you can look for models with these features.

Pans, trays, and racks

Some electric smokers come with trays and racks for ease of use. This brings more convenience and helps you take proper care of the smoker. Without these accessories, there may be too much spills at the wrong areas.


Electric smokers come in different prices. And the prices are closely linked to their design and features. It’s up to you to select an affordable model with lesser features or an expensive one with more features.

In essence, you may not necessarily need some features in an electric smoker. The most ideal thing to do is select a product that provides exactly what you need. You will save more cash this way.




How To Choose The Cheapest Electric Smoker With The Best Features


One of the major things to look out for in an electric smoker is simplicity. After all, that is the reason why you would rather choose an electric smoker over a charcoal or gas smoker.  But there are other features you need to consider when buying the cheapest electric smoker if you are considering to prefer smoking with propane or by using an electric smoker.

Yes, your options may not be too broad because you are looking for quality and still considering price. However, you can use some criteria to select the best possible electric smoker at the right price for your needs. Here are some features you can consider.

Select the right size you need

Electric smokers come in different sizes. And sometimes the sizes can have an influence on their cost. If you don’t need to prepare party meals or barbecue for a large group of people, there is no need to buy an electric smoker with a large cooking space.   Select a portable model with enough cooking space for up to 4 people. This should be enough for your family.

Make sure you check the smoker dimensions before buying. Apart from the inner size, you should also consider the outer size as well. This will be vital for portability. Select an electric smoker that will be easier to move, especially if you may use the smoker outdoors.

Consider durability and safety

Most top quality electric smokers come with complete stainless steel body. These ones are proper heat insulators. They also don’t give much heat away. Stainless steel electric smokers can stay cold outside but seriously hot inside. For safety reasons, you should consider this type of electric smoker, especially if you have kids around.

Consider the electronics

Some models come with new technology to even make your cooking more fun and interesting. There are smokers with Bluetooth connections and others with remote control capabilities. If you feel you need any of these features, you should look for electric smokers that have them. However, remember that the additional features mean you have to pay more.

Overall, it’s necessary to know your needs before buying an electric smoker. Ask yourself the size of cooking space you need. Consider other features too like the construction material, portability, as well as other accessories.

You also need to know how much you are willing to pay for an electric smoker. All these will factor into your final decision. In the end, the most important thing is to buy the right electric smoker that will be more convenient for you.


How to stain a fence at home

Rot-inducing moisture, sun rays, and other destructive elements are all culprits to the damage on your fence. But wood stain will help to provide protection to keep the fence very attractive and beautiful for many years. Generally, fence stains can be categorized into solid color stains, penetrating stains, or semi-transparent stains.

This classification will depend on the amount of pigment in the stain solution. But no matter the type you decide to use, it’s important to make use of the right method and apply it correctly. The content below will explain how to stain a fence and home.

Pick the appropriate time


If you are staining a new wood fence that has been recently built, it’s important to suspend staining until 3 weeks later. This time lapse allows the wood to open up its pores and settle in the new environment. This will help the stain to sink better, making it last longer. Also, the best time to stain your wall is in the evening or early in the morning.


You should do it before or after sunset. You also need to work with weather forecast here. It is better to stain your fence when it’s not expected to rain for at least 24 hours. This will give the stain enough time to dry completely.

Select the right tools for fence staining

The effectiveness of your task also depends on the type of tools you have. You need tools like brushes, paint sprayer or HVLP sprayer, pads, and rollers. Paint sprayer will help you reach difficult areas where your roller may not stain properly. To get the best result, select a brush that is about 5 inches wide.

Get a floppy yap if you intend using a pad for pain staining. There are lots of options regarding staining tools you can use. Just make sure the tool is easy to hold and does not have too much weight.

How to prepare the fence

If you are painting an old fence, you need to clean the debris and dirt that have accumulated overtime. Otherwise, the fence will not absorb the stain properly.

Staining the fence

After getting the fence ready for the staining task, your final step is to stain the fence. Start by dipping the roller or pad in the stain at apply evenly on the fence. Work from one section to another as you maintain an even staining pattern.   Begin from the top and work your way down to the base. Once you are through, you can stain the second time to make sure the fence soaks the stain deeply. Afterwards, wash your tools and allow the stain to dry.


Best Locations To Travel In Summer

If you are looking for that perfect destination for your vacation, there are lots of exciting options for you. Here are some of the best locations to travel in summer.

Paraty, Brazil

This place hosts the Flip Literary festival every year. This festival attracts thousands of tourists and international visitors every year. Apart from the aura of the entire festival environment, Paraty has a host of other nature attractions for visitors. In general, Brazil is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This part of the country does not disappoint.

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride will see more cultural festivals this summer. If you love to explore different cultures and visit historical art centers, this is the ideal place to visit. It boasts of an abundance of cultural festivals the people celebrate each year. The place will be filled with performances, exhibitions, live music, and lots more. But Telluride is not all about culture.  It has excellent natural attractions too. Prominent among them is the Peak Resort and Spa center, which will actually host a lot of those events.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is known for its architecture more than anything. But the place is gradually turning into a tourist delight with lots of exciting places to visit. Apart from their rich endowmend of architectural edifices, Vienna boasts of beautiful landscape and exciting medieval exhibits. You can find your way to Leopold Museum where you will get to see the works of famous modernists. There are works of Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Gustav Klimt in the museum. Also, you will have lots of options when you are looking for a place to relax.


East Cape, Mexico

Mexico is home to so many tourist cities. East Cape is certainly one of them. The new luxury hotels built around the area recently compliment the ever amazing scenery in the place. If you want to spend quality time in the place, you have so many beautiful options. There is the Cape A Thompson, Montage Los Cabos, Auberge Resort, and Chileno Bay Resort.

Tbilisi, Georgia

As the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi has a complete European appeal. The place has excellent wine, intimate cafes and ancient landmarks for lovers of history. Another interesting thing about this place is the fact that it doesn’t have one particularly defined culture. Its culture is influenced by the Middle East, Europe, and some traces of the Soviet era. But there are other attractions for those who are looking for something different. The vast riches of food choices make Tbilisi an excellent place for foodies.