Michael Kors Success Story as a Fashion Designer in Brief

It is always interesting to follow the success story of today’s famous people like Michael Kors. The man was born on August 9th, 1959 as Karl Anderson Jr. Nowadays the famous Michael Kors success story is circulating on his brand in the same name as his name. His name that he used today as a brand was changed following the marriage of his mother to Bill Kors. It is reasonable to see that Kors’ business is in the scope of fashion because his mother was a model, Joan Hamburger.

Nowadays he has his brand that designs and sells accessories, footwear, jewelry, watches, fragrance, and ready-to-wear for both men and women. Michael Kors success story with his persona brand started in 2002 by releasing his menswear line. At that time he was in the famous French house Celine as a designer from the year 1997. He eventually left Celine to concentrate further on his brand that has grown rapidly ever since.

Initial Career as a Salesperson

His journey to success is pretty much like other famous names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In which Michael Kors was unable to finish his study in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He enrolled as a student there for only 9 months before eventually getting a job as a salesperson in Lothar’s boutique in 1977. He became a visual display head and designer for the boutique later on when eventually the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman across the street noticed him.

Michael Kors Success Story
Michael Kors Success Story

That was his time to go bigger and further by showing his collection of items in the store of Bergdorf Goodman. Eventually, in 1981 he launched a women’s label under the name Michael Kors at the store of Bergdorf Goodman. Going further in 1990 he launched KORS Michael Kors under the scope of a licensee. There was a filing of Chapter 11 in 1993 that put the KORS on hold until he eventually emerged back in the business in 1997 to continue the glorious Michael Kors success story.

A Popular Fashion Designer in Modern Times

Along his time in Celine, he succeeded in boosting the popularity of the house by creating ready-to-wear lines and accessories to sell. After leaving Celine in 2003 he launched the MICHAEL line of Michael Kors in 2004. Until today the brand Michael Kors continues to grow and offer its great products globally. That is a brief of Michael Kors success story, a famous American fashion designer of today under the scope of Capri Holdings Limited alongside Versace and Jimmy Choo.

Early life and Career of Michael Kors

Being known as one of the top American fashion designers, Michael Kors has gained even more popularity by being one of the judges of the American television show, Project Runway. He is also famous for being the one who designed the dress of Michelle Obama for the first official portrait. This reading will get you the insight into the early life and career of Michael Kors will hopefully lead us to get to know him more.

Michael Kors’s early life

The early life and career of Michael Kors must be started by the designer’s early stage in life. Born and raised on Long Island, New York on August 9, 1959, Michael Kors was originally named Karl Anderson Jr. He then moved to the city to attend the Fashion Institute of technology. Kors did not finish his education and dropped out after 2 semesters.

Michael Kors Success Story
Michael Kors Success Story

When Kors was a toddler, he already became a model who appeared in products’ national campaigns like toilet paper and cereal (Lucky Charms). His parents were divorced when he was young. Then he got the name when his mother remarried a businessman named Bill Kors. His first and middle name was chosen by himself. For the marriage, his mother even let him design the wedding dress.

Michael Kors’s early career

Growing up in Merrick, a suburban area in New York, Michale Kors had been gathering any fashion knowledge that he could get. He stated that he would get super excited whenever Vogue came, which was once in a month. He also said shopping is something that he loved.

Moving to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of technology in the 1970s. The college life lasted only about two semesters before he dropped out. He got work in a French Boutique Lothar’s in 1978 and there he was allowed to design and sell the first one of his fashion collection. It turned out that the collection he designed was well accepted by the market making him able to start his fashion line. Kors’s first women fashion collection was launched in 1981.

The collection was sold in the department stores Bergdorf Goodman. Also in Saks Fifth Avenue which was categorized as high-end. He was traveling across the United States to sell his collections. The way he was selling the collection was to sell it at trunk shows. The show then attracted attention from the fashion editor. Anna Wintour and Barbara Walters are among those who were interested in the collection. Early life and career of Michael Kors would have an impact on his journey in the fashion industry and showbiz until now.